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Small is Powerful (SIP) is an advocacy project highlighting the impact of African SMEs for the development of the continent. We want SIP to be seen by the greatest number. You are a university, a private or public company, a foundation, an association and SIP meets your value and your action?

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We can provide you with:

  • An exhibition combining text and image presenting the project, the SMEs studied, the positive impacts identified and the stakeholders' words. The exhibition is in French and English.

The exhibition consists of foldable backboards of 2.30 * 2.30m on self-supporting structure. It is light and convenient. The exhibition is declined in the form of 9 backboards or in a smaller set of 2 backboards (depending on the space available).

  • Films of the projects: 5 films in French or English, short versions (3 ') or long (10'). Each film present a with its founder, its activity, stakeholders involved and the positive impacts generated.

See our Films.

  • Large size poster of the stakeholders (to be printed in A0 or A1 size at low cost) with stakeholders faces and their key words.

  • A poster of 25 employees of African SMEs in the style of "election campaign" display. 
  • We set up conferences to present the project and address issues related to African entrepreneurship with high level speakers.