The team

                 - Jeremie Bole du Chaumont (movie & entertainment)

Jeremie Bôle du Chaumont is a documentary filmmaker, director of installations videos, fashion films and advertising.
He likes to compare the visual worlds: graphic design, film, photography ...
He invested those forms through the various trades of the images he practiced for 15 years.
Today freelance director and author, his first short film entitled Scene-48 socket 102.


 - Fakepaper (graphics and editing)

Chloé Desvenain (Fakepaper) is freelance art director and graphic designer working in Paris. She leads projects for small structures accounts as well as bigger corporate agencies. Switching from personal to professional projects, both in cultural, musical and institutional communication. She applies itself to develop and deepen her practice of a plastic and pictorial graphic design. Chloé wants to try out beyond cleavages between visual arts in getting involved along complicities and desires to others skills in partnering projects. Still, she keeps focus itself on producing a sincere, fair and emotional graphic design.

                 - Benjamin Hoguet (web documentary)

Benjamin Hoguet is an author and showrunner for interactive and transmedia works. After cofounding Racontr in 2012, he continues as an independent creative to foster initiatives strengthening the emerging world of new forms of storytelling. To that end, he confounded Storycode Paris in 2013, a non-profit that hosted dozens of conferences and workshops dedicated to interactive and transmedia creation. He publishes in June 2015 one of the first books dedicated to the new narratives called Reinventing storytelling (La Narration Réinventée, in French).


                 - Sebastien Daycard-Heid (Events)

Responsible for partnerships, Sébastien Daycard-Heid has a long experience of transmedia projects as author, project manager and teacher. His mission is to organise conferences and exhibitions in research centres like Sciences Po- Campus of Reims and Menton, IEP of Strasbourg and Bordeaux, Audencia in Nantes, école Centrale de Lyon and Essec in Cergy Pontoise.


                 - Elena Blum (web and social networks)

Elena Blum is a web journalist and "community manager" working in Paris. She realized the and sites and she takes care of the social networks of the project. After studying photography and journalism, she worked two years for the newspaper's website Jeune Afrique. She has a thorough knowledge of Africa, photography and digital issues.


                  - Amaury Arboun (sound)

Amaury Arboun is a musician and sound engineer. He graduated from both ENS Louis Lumière and ENSAD in Paris. He's interested in various aspects of the sound world: he presently works as a location sound engineer for films and documentaries, as well as being a sound designer and film music composer. 

                 - Benjamin Grillet (web documentary)

Grillet Benjamin is a freelance web developer. Graduated from Supinfocom design realization media in 2003, he joined the group LAB [au] as a Multimedia Designer for 1 year, before creating collective aliquidstudio with which he created various experimental projects and installations, presented at numerous festivals of digital art. Since 2005 he is working on different web projects, sites, web documentaries and webapp for media such as The World, Arte, France TV, as well as smaller structures.